January 2022 Winners

UID 920 at Whitehouse Fire Department

UID 894 at Prairie Grove Police Department

UID 969 at Farmington Fire Department

To maintain anonymity, our program uses Unique Identifiers (UID) to represent each first responder.

– Winner’s are ineligible to win for 180 days after they are selected.

Previous Winners

December 2021 Winners

UID 126 at Springdale Fire Department

UID 557 at Washington County Sheriff’s Department

UID 223 at Springdale Police Department

November 2021 Winners

UID 849 at Prairie Grove Fire Department

UID 276 at Springdale Police Department

UID 757 at Central EMS Department

October 2021 Winners

UID 110 at Springdale Fire Department

UID 28 AT Elkins Police Department

UID 6 at Washing County Sheriff’s Department